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 About Us-J.U.B.I.L.E.E. Strategy

J.U.B.I.L.E.E. Strategy

Step One: Join With Others

Bringing the Unchurched into the vital life of the church will only be accomplished when people who love Jesus Christ are convinced that lost people matter to God and begin to build relationships with the unchurched. These relationships should be handled with integrity and meaning. Our interaction with unbelievers should be governed by faith and love, and the Unchurched are not to be treated like a project.

Every believer attending Jubilee Worship Center is strongly challenged to build relationships of integrity with unchurched friends. Despite common belief, unchurched people are effectively insulated from Christianity. The Unchurched do not listen to Christian radio, their life is not touched by bumper sticker evangelism or Christian literature that arrives in the mail. Much of will likely be discarded. They do not have any intention of visiting a church. Therefore, a believer's most effective means to reach the Unchurched is to develop a relationship of integrity with him.

Step Two: Utilize Your Testimony

After establishing a relationship of integrity with the Unchurched, believers begin to anticipate opportunities to share their personal Testimony, asking God to provide appropriate moments to do so.

It is unlikely that an unchurched individual will immediately come to faith in Christ upon hearing about a believer's relationship with Christ. The Unchurched view the gospel as a radical, unsettling concept, and may respond with skepticism, suspicion, or indifference. The most likely response is a guarded expression of interest. At this point, believers need a place to bring their unchurched friends that will continue to challenge them to consider the claims of Christ in a relevant, creative and contemporary way.

Step Three: Be Sensitive To The Needs Of Others

When rapport has been built, and the idea of a personal relationship with Christ has been advanced to an unchurched individual, as a believer you now have the opportunity to invite your unbelieving friend to one of our services. Jubilee Worship Center strives to nurture the interest of Unchurched through a variety of service opportunities. Each of which are intended to supplement the evangelistic efforts made by the believing members of Jubilee Worship Center. These services attempt to communicate the message of Jesus Christ in a way that unchurched individuals can understand and relate to, while provoking a curiosity in the unbeliever to learn more. Some of these services are specifically designed for people who are somewhere in the process of evaluating Christianity, making a decision for Christ, or who have recently committed their lives to Him .

Step Four: Involve Yourself

Once Your Unchurched friend has accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior and is encouraged to attended service on regular basis, you are encouraged get the involved in New Life Discovery classes. These classes deal with discipleship training studies. These training opportunities are designed to assit a new beliver by providing extended fellowship with established believers as well as other new disciples. The teaching is designed to encourage and edify a new believer. Attending these New Life Classes are essential for those who are committed to becoming mature followers of Christ.

Step Five: Learn From Others

Believers who are involved in Spiritual Development are encouraged to further develop their Christian walk by participating in small group studies. These Small group Studies provide fellowship for the believer as well as a group where one can have accountability, discipleship, encouragement and support.

Step Six: Experience Spiritual Growth

Believers who consider Jubilee Worship Center their church home are encouraged to discover, develop and use their spiritual giftedness in some form of Christian service within the body of Christ. Without the identification, development and use of their God-given gift, believers will not experience their spiritual potential.

Step Seven: Evaluate Your Potential

Every Believer has a responsibility to learn obedience to God's word. We are to give of our Time, our Talents and our Treasures. Using what we have to bring glorify to God through our submission to his word in every area of our life. This includes living within their means, being gracious with their possessions, sharing with those who are in need, and giving generously to the Lord's work, while learning to avoid coveting material goods and indebtedness. It is important that every believer recognize stewardship as a form of discipleship and giving as a form of worship.

At this point, you Unchurched friend has become a Believer, and is well on his/her way to becoming a fully devoted to Jesus Christ. With desire, training and encouragement, this new believer sets the seven-step cycle in motion and once more begins to build bridges with their Unchurched friends.

We at Jubilee Worship Center believe that this strategy reflects a blueprint developed by the Holy Spirit for Jubilee Worship Center. This strategy reflects the passions, temperaments, and God-given giftedness of the leadership of Jubilee Worship Center.