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Meet Our Staff

Jubilee Leaders Covenant

We, the Leadership Team of Jubilee Worship Center, do hereby declare and affirm that we are called by God to be change agents in our families, among our friends and acquaintances, throughout our community and into the world at large.

We realize that the fields are “white unto harvest” and the harvest will not be reaped unless we, individually and collectively, work intentionally and effectively in the harvest fields. God has given us a vision of what He desires to accomplish through Jubilee, and we solemnly accept our responsibility for that vision.

Therefore, we pledge to God and to each other: To do life together as a Community that highly values Connections. To treat others with dignity and respect. To be loyal to each other, out leaders, and our common vision. We realize that every person is a part in the overall JWC story. Territorial attitudes and turf wars hinder growth.

Therefore, we choose:

1. To actively look for and respond to opportunities to love and care for each other and for those in the harvest field

2. To work together in singleness of mind and purpose,

3. To have infectious, positive attitude because optimism is contagious.

4. To measure all we are and all we do against the "yardstick" of the Vision God has give us,

5. To share our best thoughts and ideas at all times, whether they are popular with the group or not,

6. To anticipate conflict and to resolve it in a way that edifies all involved,

7. When decisions are made, to give our best efforts to make those decisions work,

8. To be a "raving fans" publicly and "honest critics" privately. I will send positive information downward and negative information upward.

9. To carefully guard our lips so that we never say or imply anything that would injure anyone in any way.

10. To recognize and honor authority and responsibility of our pastor as the spiritual head of our fellowship, and when necessary, to defer that authority and responsibility,

11. To never accept anything other than excellence from all involved in reaping the harvest,

12. To never give anything other than excellence in fulfilling our individual responsibilities to reap the harvest,

13. To never rest until, with God's help, we achieve the Vision God has given us for the future of Jubilee Worship Center.

14. To exhibit a "whatever it takes" attitude in all tasks I am asked to undertake.

We pledge to hold one another accountable for fulfilling these commitments, understanding that at any time, an individual may withdraw their role on the Leadership Team with the love and blessing of the remaining members.