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We, the Team of Jubilee Worship Center’s V.S.L.A.M. pledge to God and to each other:

To work together in singleness of mind and purpose.

To measure all that we are and all that we do with the vision/goal God has given this ministry.

To share our best thoughts and ideas at all times, whether they are popular with the group or not.

To anticipate conflict and to resolve it in a way that edifies all involved

When decision are made, to give our best efforts to make those decision work.

To carefully guard our lips so that we never say or imply anything that would injure anyone in any way.

To recognize and honor authority and responsibility of our V.S.L.A.M. Administrator as the head of this ministry. And when necessary, to defer to that authority and responsibility.

To never accept anything other than excellence from all involved. To never give anything other than excellence in fulfilling our individual responsibilities.

To never rest until, with God’s help, prayer, we achieve the vision/ goal given us by

our leadership team for the future of this ministry.