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 About Us-Our Target

"Who We Are Trying to Reach"

All around us, spiritually, physically, and emotionally wounded men, women, children and entire families are living in pain and despair, dying without hope or healing. Only Christ alone heals the spiritually, physically and emotionally wounded. Only He can give them a future and a hope, wholeness and meaning.

Jubilee shall be the community of believers who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, love and serve one another, as Christ has loved them, and among whom wounded men, women and children find hope, healing, and wholeness of spirit, mind and body.

Jubilee Worship Center shall be a church that reaches more that just the community where we have our address. We will reach out to the families of Northwest Indiana, realizing there are many people who are seeking a relationship with God. We will provide a venue that will attract both seekers and believes. A seeker is someone who has knowledge about God but is seeking for answers to the spiritual questions he or she is asking. A believer is one who has an established relationship with Christ.

Jubilee Worship Center will be relevant to the culture offering hope, healing and wholeness for the spiritually, physically and emotionally wounded. Believing that many are looking for a fresh start but do not know how.

Jubilee Worship Center is dedicated to giving anyone who needs to have the opportunity to begin new in Christ. It does not make a difference where they have been or what they have done. Christ can and will forgive them and they can have "A New Beginnings."